December 2, 2018

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Over the past several months, your child’s learning has been captured, shared, and assessed through their FreshGrade portfolio. From December 3-14, we encourage you spent some quality time with your child(ren) to interact with their portfolio and have meaningful conversations regarding their learning. During this window, classroom teachers may post your child’s learning on different days. Learning is ongoing, so the purpose of this communication is a “check-in” to celebrate successes and to plan for the learning ahead. It is very important for parents/guardians to have a clear understanding of:

  • the progress your child is making,
  • areas requiring further development,
  • and ways you can support learning at home.

During the week of December 3-7, a parent guide and feedback form will be sent home with your child. We would appreciate you providing feedback on your child’s learning and return the signed form to your child’s teacher by December 14th.

As always, please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns.


promoting resilienceAt Cambridge we believe there are many ways to support the growth, development and learning of our students. As important as the academic learning and cognitive development of our students are, it is their healthy social and emotional development that helps turn the key to open the door to learning. Helping our students become resilient and enabling them to face challenging situations, is an important role that parents and teachers have.

Many of us would like to see our children move through life with grace and ease, experiencing few bumps along the way. It is those bumps though, that create strength of character that carries through into adulthood. Often, the perception of injustices or the need to rationalize actions, overrides the need to take responsibility for them. It is important for our children to develop resilience, which is the ability to handle their own bumps along the road of life, yet to know when and how to access support when they need it.

At Cambridge much energy is focused on helping students develop positive social skills asq2 they work, play and study together. This sometimes means some difficult lessons as children learn about how some of their actions affect others. We also work with students to help them decide when to ignore slights, when to stand up for themselves, and when to seek help. It is very important that open lines of communication exist between school and home.

Occasionally, your child(ren) might come home with a concern that has not reached the classroom teacher. When this happens, please have a thoughtful, supportive discussion with your child to collect facts regarding the incident. Sometimes, the initial reaction is to contact the other parent to try and solve the problem yourself or take to social downloadmedia for advice, but the most important and effective way that you can support your child is to contact the classroom teacher first. They will be more than willing to speak or meet with you and provide a context for the concern before helping resolve the conflict.

Open lines of communication between school and home are the foundation for your child’s success, and classroom teachers pride themselves on being open and accessible with parents, and by developing personal connections with each and every student.



The Scholastic Book Fair is starting tomorrow at Cambridge Elementary! Our Fair will be held in the Learning Lab on the following dates:

Monday, December 3rd – 11:40-12:25 am and 2:25-6:00 pm

Tuesday, December 4th – 11:40-12:25 am and 2:25-3:15 pm

Wednesday, December 5th – 11:40-12:25 am and 2:25-3:15 pm

Thursday, December 6th – 11:40-12:25 am and 2:25-3:15 pm

ScholasticPlease mark these dates and times on your calendar.  This is a great opportunity to help stock the shelves in the library.  For every $10.00 you spend at the fair, up to $4.00 comes directly to our library.

If you can help volunteer, please sign up here.

You’ll find hundreds of quality books at our Book Fair with a wide assortment for all reading levels.  A Book Fair flyer was sent home with your child that provides a preview of only a FEW of the many books available to purchase.

The flyer also contained a special Family Draw ballot that parents can deposit during the fair. You could win $50.00 in books ($25.00 for your family and $25.00 for your child’s classroom)!  There will also be six additional winners chosen who will receive $15.00 worth of free books!

Thank you in advance for helping to make our Book Fair a success – it can’t be done without your participation.  A special thank you as well to all those parent volunteers who give their time to make the Book Fair possible.

Sincerely, Ms. S. Turner/Mr. Smith



Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.36.56 PMGrade 6/7 Student Leaders under the guidance of Ms. Bomford & Ms. Minhas have organized a food drive from December 3-14 for the Surrey Food Bank.  Children can start bringing in items starting tomorrow. Each class will receive a food bank box to fill up. 

Our school has been given 50 boxes by the Surrey Food Bank and our school goal is to return the entire fifty full of non-perishable food after December 14th.

Imagine that feel-good feeling of knowing you helped so many people by your donation, and as a school, how great it would feel for Cambridge Elementary to make such a large donation. Please see the SURREY FOOD BANK for more information.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.43.42 PM



IMG_20181130_163631As we move into the festive month of December, Buddy the Elf has returned to Cambridge. We imagine that Buddy will emerge somewhere tomorrow looking rather relaxed. In the past, Buddy has made his way around to different areas of the school each day, sometimes finding himself in the most precarious situations and locations. This leads students on a wild goose as they try to find out where he is each day so it will be interesting to see what December 2018 brings.



k reg

Kindergarten Registration Information 2019 (PDF)

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 7.15.03 PM



PAC News


  • Poinsettia pick up Monday Dec 3 1-6pm and Tuesday Dec 4 8-9am and 2:30-3:30pm


  • BAKE SALE raised over $1100 for the playground. Thank you to the volunteers and parents who brought goodies.
  • Purdy Chocolate Orders will arrive on Thursday Dec 6 and we need your help that night to sort the orders in the Cambridge Gym 6pm-7pm and 7pm-8pm. Purdy Pick up is Monday Dec 10 8am-9am and 12-3pm and evening pick up or classroom delivery can be arranged by emailing the Pac at
  • Forms for the FREE Pancake lunch for students are coming home this week. Every child needs a form filled out in order to receive pancakes. Please return by Friday Dec 14. Pancake prep is happening Thursday Dec 6 at Cambridge 6-8 (or whenever you can during that time!)

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 9.02.33 PM

58 accounts have been opened so far. Please consider opening an account for your child. It’s really a win win for everyone. $5000 will be donated to the playground if we reach 100 accounts by Dec 15. Otherwise it is $25 per account (current 58 accounts will yield us a $1450 donation)

Volunteer help is needed and always appreciated! Daytime and evening options

Hot Lunch Dec. 3:

Book Fair Dec 3-6:(evening):

Poinsettia Help Dec. 3:

Purdy’s sorting help Dec. 6 (evening):

Pancake prep Dec 6( evening):

Hot Lunch Dec. 10:

Hot Lunch Dec. 18:

FREE Pancake lunch Dec 21:

Hot Lunch Jan. 11:

Hot Lunch Jan. 29:

Thanks, Allyson, Taryn, Jaime and Miriam


Dates to Remember 2018_19 (PDF)

3-14-Parent FreshGrade Interaction Time
3-7-Scholastic Book Fair
14-PAC X-Mas Waffle Cone Decorating
19-Winter Sing-A-Long Assemblies
21-PAC Pancake Breakfast
21-Last Day of School before Winter Break
24 to January 4-Winter Break
7-First Day of School 2018
16-PAC Mtg @ 6:30pm
25-Challenge Day #2
18-Family Day – Classes not in session
22-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
27-PAC Mtg @ 6pm
1-Talent Show
11-15-FreshGrade Check In Week
12-Running Club Begins
14-Early Dismissal @ 1:27pm (Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences)
18-29-Spring Break – Classes not in session
1-School Re-Opens
8-Ministry of Education Curriculum Day – Classes not in session
15-PAC Mtg @ 6:30pm
19-Good Friday – Classes not in session
22-Easter Monday – Classes not in session
3-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
17-Challenge Day #3
20-Victoria Day – Classes not in session
27-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
28-30-Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation
29-PAC AGM Mtg @ 6:30pm
7- Sports Day
11-Parent Appreciation Tea
21-Grade7 Farewell Assembly
26-Year End Assemblies
27-Last Day of School
28-Administration Day – Classes not in session for students


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