September 7th Message to Parents

​Good afternoon,

We have had a wonderful first week working with students and giving them opportunities to reacquaint with friends and share some of their summer memories. The mood in the school is exciting and positive as we look forward to a new school year.

At the end of the last school year, we began preliminary planning for an increase of our school population to 770 students in K-grade 7. In anticipation, we hired two new teachers and two portables were rebuilt on our school grounds. As of today, we had 736 students come through our doors this morning, a decrease of 34.

Within the Surrey School District, the anticipated overall growth was 700 students but 1300 students showed up on the steps of schools in the last few days. As you can image, there are school communities that experienced tremendous growth over what they projected, and schools such as Cambridge who are dealing with a reduction in population.

As a result of our population decrease, we were informed by the district last night that Cambridge would be reduced by one class and one teacher. The teacher leaving our school was hired just last week and will move to a school community experiencing growth. Today, staff met to begin re-organizing classes from 34 divisions to 33 divisions. As outlined in the May CambridgeLearns blog, teachers have spent a considerable amount of time looking at how best to support each child’s  learning from many perspectives so that successful class placements can be. The following criteria guides this important work:

  • Academic Ability – we try to ensure that each class has students with a variety of ability levels
  • Gender – attempts are made to form classes with equal numbers of girls and boys
  • Group Dynamics – based on past experience, some students may not be placed in the same class as they experience difficulties together, while other students may be placed together because they work well together
  • Behaviour – students requiring behavioural support are placed in classes that best meet their needs
  • Teaching/Learning Styles – some students are placed in classes because the teaching/learning situation will be the most beneficial to them
  • Parent Requests – parents often come to the school in the Spring to make placement requests for the next year.  If these requests are for educational reasons, we try to honour them if possible.

On Monday, September 10th staff will put the finishing touches on class placements and we anticipate that students will be placed in their new classrooms for Tuesday. We appreciate your patience during this complex process.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Shaun & Lianne (Admin Team)


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