February 27th

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Hello Cambridge Families!
It’s hard to believe that Spring Break is only two weeks away.  We are getting ready for our annual Talent Show that takes place this coming Friday, March 3rd, at 12:45 p.m. As always, parents are welcome to school events so we hope to see you there.

The second term is also coming to an end, April 7th. We encourage you to continue to check your child’s FreshGrade portfolio and to continue to have conversations at home with your child about his/her learning.

Finally, I want to say how much I enjoy sharing all the wonderful happenings at Cambridge each week in our school blog.  Cambridge is a place of rich learning activities where students and teachers continually engage in work that is meaningful, creative, and relevant to our learners.  As I visit classrooms each week, interacting with students and seeing the work that is going on, I am never at a loss for evidence of learning to share with you.

To all our families, thank you for making our school community such a great one to be part of. Thank you for your readership, your support, and all you do to make Cambridge a special place!
Kelli Vogstad, Vice Principal


Cambridge was awash in PINK this past Wednesday for PINK SHIRT DAY, a day we all wear pink in order to take a stand against bullying. Students were reminded that in order for Pink Shirt Day to mean something, action is required not just for one day, but everyday! Every day, we help our students show empathy and kindness towards each other, and we help them understand the importance of building healthy relationships – both with themselves and their peers. At Cambridge, we consistently share the message that being a Cambridge Star, someone who behaves in safe, thoughtful, accountable, and respectful ways, is a person who takes a stand against bullying.

Many teachers shared photos of their students on PINK Day.  It didn’t matter if you wore pink or not – we all are in this together!

Here is an incredible stop motion video created a year ago by Grade 7 student, Simone.  Simone’s video shows the many forms of bullying including aggression, exclusion, and being a bystander.  Throughout the week, here at Cambridge, many classes completed activities and projects to recognize PINK Shirt Day and how we can all work together to stop bullying.


Congratulations to all scientists who participated in Cambridge’s Science Fair this past week!  And thank you to our judges, Mr. Vendramin, former Cambridge principal, Ms. P. Sharda, gr. 2 teacher, Ms. S. Sharda, gr. 2 teacher, and Mr. Horvath, biologist and Ms. Shore’s father-in-law. Thank you to all!

The following participants were selected to represent our school at the District Science Fair this Thursday, March 2 at Central City Mall in Surrey.


“Does Gender Effect Short Term Memory” Kiera and Ariana, Division 1
“Fight to Fly” Neo and Pawan, Division 2
“Did You Really See That”Jayen, Division 3
“Rotten Eggs” – Kody, Division 4
“soundproofing”Jayden and Ajay, Division 5

Here are this year’s finalists’ Science Fair Projects



The 100th day of school is more than just a milestone worth noting – it’s a rich learning opportunity. Celebrating the 100th day has become a classroom tradition in many schools, especially in the primary grades. Teachers and students in classes all over the province, perhaps the country, celebrate their 100th day at school.

What is the 100th Day of School?

The 100th day of school is literally the 100th day of the school year.  From the very first day of school, many classes keep track of the number of days they’ve been in school in anticipation of the 100th day.

Days are often kept track of by counting straws, or any item for that matter, ten of which become a “ten bundle,” providing ongoing opportunities for counting by tens and ones and developing number and place value concepts.

Last week, our five Kindergarten classes celebrated their 100th day of school.  Like many rich and meaningful events and experiences that happen at Cambridge, the 100th day was a vehicle to invite children to think, communicate, make choices, problem solve, reflect on their strengths and abilities, and feel good about learning and challenging themselves. Throughout the day, the children worked on a variety of engaging math and art activities that focused on different concepts of the number 100.

On March 1st, some of our other classes will celebrate their 100th day!



The ability to design and make, acquire skills as needed, and apply technologies is important in the world today and a key aspect of educating citizens for the future. Our BC Curriculum Applied Skills learning area has been re-envisioned and renamed.  The new Applied Design Skills and Technologies (ADST) curriculum is an experiential, hands-on program of learning through design and creation that includes technology education and new and emerging fields.  One such area is coding; coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites.

Last week, Divisions 4, 5, and 6 gathered in our Learning Lab to work with district teacher, Ms. Peters to begin to learn about coding and eventually learn to create practical and innovative responses to everyday needs and problems.

Children’s abilities to estimate, along with their estimation strategies, can offer a window into their mathematical thinking and problem solving.  The acquisition of estimation skills is important and, some say, contributes to children’s mathematical understanding of numbers, measurement and time.  At the same time, estimation is an important life skill.  When children learn how to estimate we are giving them essential and practical ways of operating within many mathematical and everyday situations.  We don’t always need to calculate the precise number or measurement; sometimes, it’s simply not necessary or it’s impossible.

Last week Division 12 invited their schoolmates, kindergarten to grade 7, to practice and learn how to make good estimations. Everyone was welcome to test their estimating skills at the Estimation Challenge!

Learning how to estimate is an important skill for children to learn: to be able to judge and determine the reasonableness of their answers in solving a mathematical problem or calculating a mathematical equation; to be able to use mental math to calculate more quickly a reasonable solution, and to understand when and where we need to estimate and how it makes our lives easier and better.  Estimation does not replace the need to come up with accurate answers, but teaching children to estimate helps them become critical thinkers and to understand what’s being asked of them.

A great website with all kinds of estimation problems for you and your child to check out is Estimation 180

The power of rich hands-on learning and children of different ages working together is a magical formula that makes learning relevant and fun for students.  The grade 3s from division 14 joined their kindergarten friends from division 26 to make Slime, as they explored and learned about the properties of matter.

Our Forest Classroom continues to be a place of rich and relevant learning for Cambridge students.  Last week, grade two students from division 19 headed out with their science hats on to investigate and identify the different trees in our forest.  They not only found a number of different coniferous and deciduous tree, but also some flowers.  Spring is in the air.

And finally, our grade three classes welcomed a special guest, First Nations storyteller, Alana Anderson. Ms. Anderson shared some wonderful messages through her personal stories about caring for each other, caring for our Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it.  She  also brought along her beautiful real-life-like hand puppets to bring her stories alive.  Thank you, Ms. Anderson!



As I selected the images to share this week, I was struck with a feeling of pride. The images, like every week, reflect the important beliefs about learning that we at Cambridge stand by:

  • We learn best by doing
  • We learn better together
  • School shouldn’t prepare students for the real world, it SHOULD BE the real world
  • Kids aren’t just learners, they are teachers
  • Learning happens everywhere, all the time
  • Learning should be fun!

Watching NASA news conference about the discovery of 7 new Earth-like planets; making pizza, 20 kindergarten friends, five toppings each, equals 100 toppings; outside catching hail and making weather observations; participating in the Estimation Challenge – it’s hard than it looks; grade 7s teaching kindergarten friends how to kinder polka; morning reading time in our kindergarten classrooms, teachers’ FreshGrade lunch meeting, exploring at the Science Fair, students cooking and sharing, presenting, and playing – all add up to rich learning at Cambridge!


A busy basketball season wrapped up this past week with all teams participating in play days. One of our boys’ team placed first, the other fourth, and our girls’ team finished in third place. Most importantly, all our teams brought their best skills and sportsmanship to their play days and proudly represented Cambridge. Congratulations to our student athletes and a special thanks to our Sullivan Heights student coaches, the many parents and family members who helped with driving and cheering!



This past Friday parent volunteers helped out with PAC Pizza Day.  A BIG THANKS!

Cambridge PAC MEETING has been rescheduled for this coming Tuesday, February 28th at 6:30 p.m. in the Learning Lab. Child minding is available.

There will be a BAKE SALE on Wednesday, March 8th. Please support us by donating some delicious nut free baking. Or by sending your child with a few dollars to spend. Items can be dropped off after school on Tuesday March 7 or at drop off on the 8th.

Thank You for your support!

As always, check the Cambridge PAC website  for updates!



28-PAC Meeting – 6:30 p.m. Learning Lab
2-District Science Fair – Central City Mall, Surrey
2-Talent Show Rehearsal
2-Gr.7 course selections with Sullivan counsellors @ 11am
3-Talent Show – 12:45 p.m.
8-Gr. 6 & 7 Social Media Awareness Presentation – Gym @ 8:45am
8-PAC Bake Sale
10- Assembly – 1:30
13-24-Spring Break
27-Running Club Begins!
7-Student Learning Communications sent home
12-Early dismissal @ 1:30 p.m.
14-Good Friday – Classes not in session
17-Easter Monday – Classes not in session
18-PAC Meeting- 6:30 p.m.
28-Last day of Running Club
5-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
11-12-Fine Arts Workshop and Presentation – Milton Randall – 9 a.m.
19-Challenge Day #3
22-Victoria Day – Classes not in session
23-PAC Meeting – time TBA
25-Parent Tea – 8:45 a.m.
29-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
29-Staff Appreciation Lunch hosted by PAC
16-Sports Day
23-Grade7 Celebration – 9:00 a.m.
29-Last day of classes
29-Student Learning Communications sent home
29-Early dismissal @ 1:30 p.m.
30-Administration Day – Classes not in session for students

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