February 6th

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This week students and teachers will be showing their Cambridge Spirit.  Monday, February 6th is CRAZY HAIR AND WILD SOCKS Day.  Wednesday, February 8th is MULTIPLES Day; dress the same as a friend or many friends.  And Friday, February 10th, is RETRO DAY; you decide what look from the past you want to show up in.  Yeah, Cambridge!


Morning drop-in shooting practice.  Ms. Lim cuddles one of our youngest Noisy Reader visitors.  Kinders documenting their learning on FreshGrade and using Play Osmo to write. Friends connecting at recess, a wintery field and Div. 3 grade 7s Mount Olympus.

Look what the cold weather has brought out – warm, cozy creature hats.

Cambridge students continue to create beautiful masterpieces, art work and projects.


Tuesday, January 31st students and staff came together for our month-end assembly.  Our assemblies always begin with the Canadian anthem. Here’s a short video of Cambridge’s beautiful voices . . . I apologize for the abrupt ending . . .

Once staff and students were seated, important information was shared about our new “Play First” Lunch schedule, technology use and care, Paper Towel Challenge, and more.  Bethany from Div. 2 helped with Mr. Nelson’s power point presentation.
Mr. Nelson talked about the use of technology in our school.  Student were reminded that they are invited to bring and use their own devices during class time to support and enhance their learning.  Students are not permitted to use social media at school, and are not permitted to use their devices during recess and lunch play times. Ms. Vogstad and Ms. Shore then presented a skit about how to use and transport our laptops and iPads around our school.
Mr. Nelson shared our new “Play First” Lunch schedule and the reasons behind it.  Then Kody from Div. 4 made a presention about his Me 2 WE Project.
And finally, Mr. Nelson presented the Paper Towel Challenge.  Here at Cambridge we are going through boxes and boxes of paper towels, which are expensive and also fill up our organic bins.  Are you up for the challenge?
We invite parents to view the inspiring TED talk that explains the Paper Towel Challenge. In this enlightening and funny short talk, Joe Smith, a retired attorney general, reveals the trick to perfect paper towel technique. Wash, then shake your hands 12 times, take one paper towel, and fold . . . it’s that simple!

Five hundred seventy-one million two hundred thirty thousand pounds of paper towels are used by Americans every year. If we could — correction, wrong figure — 13 billion used every year. If we could reduce the usage of paper towels, one paper towel per person per day, 571,230,000 pounds of paper not used. We can do that!” Click Here to watch the TED talk!


On January 31st, our principal, Mr. Nelson, published a letter to parents and guardians, on our Surrey Schools website.  We share it with you here on Cambridgelearns:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I want to share some recent information regarding two mid year staffing changes at Cambridge Elementary. It is my pleasure to congratulate Mrs. Unruh (grade 1) and Mr. Neumeyer (gr. 4/5) who will be leaving Cambridge in the next few weeks to assume a position as a Learner Support Teacher in the district for the remainder of the year. Normally, classroom teachers are not given an opportunity to transfer to a new assignment within the school year, but this is an extenuating circumstance that is occurring throughout our district and the province.

As you are aware, the BC Government recently provided $50 million dollars to school districts and asked them to hire teachers (classroom and non classroom) as soon as possible. In Surrey, this translates into approximately 120 new teachers being hired. To minimize the disruption in schools by adding new classroom teachers, the Surrey School District and the STA (Surrey Teachers Association) agreed to put the extra bodies towards student support in non classroom enrolling environments such as Learner Support, Integration Support and Counselling.

Mrs. Unruh and Mr. Neumeyer have been an important part of Cambridge Elementary and, as a school community, we wish them the very best in their new roles. When we have more information on who will join our school staff, a transition plan will be put in place to help minimize the disruption for students and families.

Thank you for your understanding.
Mr. Shaun Nelson




The other day I came across an article from the Mayo Clinic, Children’s Health website  titled, Screen Time and Children – How to Guide Your Child. Right from the start, it grabbed my attention. “Screens are everywhere. As a result, controlling a child’s screen time has become much harder for parents. To complicate matters, some screen time can be educational for children as well as support their social development.

So how do you manage your child’s use of screens and social media? Here’s some of the information and suggestions I found interesting and useful from the website:

  • paediatricians discourage screen and media use, except for video-chatting, by children younger than 18 months to 24 months
  • parents should limit screen time to one hour a day of high-quality programming for children ages 2-5
  • unstructured playtime is more valuable for a child’s developing brain than is electronic media
  • screen time should never replace reading, playing, or problem-solving
  • too much or poor quality screen time has been linked to: obesity, irregular sleep schedules and shorter duration of sleep, behavioral problems, loss of social skills, violence, and less time for play
  • parents should choose, preview, and monitor the apps, on-line games, and programs children access to ensure quality screen time
  • parents need to prioritize unplugged, unstructured playtime.
  • set and enforce daily or weekly screen time limits and curfews, such as no exposure to devices or screens 1 hour before bedtime
  • keep screens out of your child’s bedroom


Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have become a major part of adolescent life. Experts suggest that it’s okay for teens to be a part of these worlds as long as they understand appropriate behaviour. Talk to your teen teen about what’s okay and what is not okay:

  • sharing personal information online, cyberbullying, and sexting is not okay
  • sharing and sending anything online that you do not want the entire world to see forever is not okay

The article concludes stating that it is important that parents monitor their child’s online and social media behaviour no matter how smart or mature their child is. “Your child is bound to make mistakes using media. Talk to your child and help him or her learn from them. Also, model positive online etiquette yourself.”

If you are interested in reading the article click here.








6-Play First Lunch Schedule Continues
6-Snow Day – Cambridge is closed!
8-Multiples Spirit Day
8-Div.12’s Estimation Challenge – 1 p.m.
10-Retro Spirit Day
13-Family Day – Classes not in session
17-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
21-Science Fair – all day
22-Pink Shirt Day
21-PAC Meeting – 6:30 p.m.
24-Happy 100 Days
24-PAC Pizza Day
3-Talent Show – 12:45 p.m.
10-PAC Bake Sale
13-24-Spring Break
27-Running Club Begins!
7-Student Learning Communications sent home
12-Early dismissal @ 1:30 p.m.
14-Good Friday – Classes not in session
17-Easter Monday – Classes not in session
18-PAC Meeting- time TBA
28-Last day of Running Club
5-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
11-12Fine Arts Workshop and Presentation – Milton Randall – 9 a.m.
19-Challenge Day #3
22-Victoria Day – Classes not in session
23-PAC Meeting – time TBA
25-Parent Tea – 8:45 a.m.
29-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
29-Staff Appreciation Lunch hosted by PAC
16-Sports Day
23-Grade7 Celebration – 9:00 a.m.
29-Last day of classes
29-Student Learning Communications sent home
29-Early dismissal @ 1:30 p.m.
30-Administration Day – Classes not in session for students

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