July 3, 2015

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We are sad to say goodbye to the following staff members at the conclusion of this year:
Sheollagh Fitzgerald – Counsellor – accepted positions at other schools
Charlene Andersen – on continued leave
Alex Reed – Integration Support Teacher – term position
Ginette Demaere – Grade 2 – term position
Kiren Sidhu – Grade 3 – term position
Patricia Watson – Grade 2 – accepted a position at Erma Stephenson Elementary
John Kwon – Grade 4/5 – accepted a position at Woodland Park Elementary
Laura Warkentin – Grade 1/2 – term position
Vernice Li – Grade 4/5 – term position
Randy Senini – Grade 1 – term position
Carol McClean -French/Grade 3 – term position
Margaret Mossop – LST – term position
Lauren Molzahn – LST – term position
Flo Parenetto – EA – accepted a position at Katzie Elementary Elementary
Chere Moore – EA – term position
Alycia Patterson – EA – term position
Alda Bishop – EA – term position
Lisa Sund – EA – term position
Rachel Umlas – TTOC in for Ms. S. Sharda

We welcome the following staff members to the Cambridge community:
Kim Bomford – Grade 1 – from Don Christian Elementary
Kevin Fleming – LST – from Crescent Park Elementary
Eric Neumeyer – Grade 4/5 – from Sunnyside Elementary
Katherine Douglas/Carrie Macumber – Grade 1/2 Job Share – Westerman Elementary
June Green – EA – Welcome Back

IMG_1352 (1)I write this message to you from 30,000 feet flying from Seattle to Philadelphia on my way to the ISTE2015 conference. The flight has given me time to reflect on a school year that seems to have quickly come and gone.

2014-15 has been a fantastic year of growth and learning for me, our staff, our students, and our community as a whole. The start to the school year was tumultuous with teacher job action and a delayed start, but the Cambridge community hit the ground running and never looked back. Our school has taken on a leadership role in the District in the area of Making Learning Visible via electronic portfolios and we have hosted many visitors over the course of the year interested in the innovative work we are doing in this area.

As we look forward, our goal is to continue to improve how we communicate student learning to you and to further engage you and your children in this process. We also look forward to enhancing student learning through engagement in meaningful learning experiences that integrate new tools that will allow students to explore, create, and more effectively demonstrate their learning to the world.

Parents, I thank you for your support of the work Ms. Vogstad, the Cambridge Staff, and I do; it has been palpable. We are not perfect and sometimes mistakes are made. We learn from these mistakes and continue to work hard to make Cambridge a place where kids want to go learn and have fun, and a place where parents trust that  adults treat children as their own.

Celebrate the year and all the learning that took place. Take time to rest and recharge for what is sure to be an even better 2015-16 school year. Have a great summer and see you on September 8th at 10:00 a.m.



You will recall that during the last school year, our grade 7 students raised money for charities. Our students also opened a KIVA account and distributed business loans to entrepreneurs in third-world countries. Many of these loans and currently being repaid and we have close to $200 USD in our account. View our Kiva Page here! We would like to put that money to work over the summer. Here’s how you can help: go to KIVA.ORG, quickly research a loan you would like to fund, then write the FULL NAME and country of the entrepreneur in the COMMENTS section below. We will fund the FIRST 8 LOANS OF $25 THAT ARE POSTED.

Go ahead…change a life, $25 at at time!

The deadline to order school supplies through EDU-PAC for the 2015-16 school year has now passed. For those parents and guardians wishing to purchase their own supplies, lists have been published here for your convenience: Edupac Supply Lists

Our bell schedule for next year reflects an additional 6 minutes of instructional time due to a compressed 2015-16 school year (which begins September 8, 2015 and ends June 23, 2016).

8:27 a.m. Welcome bell
8:32 a.m. Classes begin
10:12 a.m Recess
10:27 a.m. Classes resume
11:45 a.m. Students eat lunch
12:00 p.m. Student activity time outside
12:30 p.m. Classes resume
2:30 p.m. Dismissal

2-Summer Professional Development Day (in lieu of November 13)
3-Summer Professional Development Day (in lieu of February 19)
8-First day of school – 10:00-11:00 a.m.
9-First FULL day of school – 8:32 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
16-Kindergarten students begin FULL DAYS
24-Meet the Teacher-Community BBQ – Time TBD
28-Professional Development Day – Classes not in session

1-Running Club Begins
12-Thanksgiving – Classes not in session
16-Interim Student Learning Communications sent home
23-Professional Development Day – Classes not in session
29-Last day of Running Club

10-Remembrance Day Assembly
11-Remembrance Day – Classes not in session
13-Professional Development Day (held September 2) – Classes not in session

4-Term 1 Student Learning Communications sent home
9-Early Dismissal at 1:30 p.m. for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
10-Early Dismissal at 1:30 p.m. for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
18-Final day of classes before Winter Break

4-Classes resume

8-Family Day – Classes not in session
18-Student-Led Conferences
19-Professional Development Day (held September 3) – Classes not in session

14-25-Spring Break – Classes not in session
28-Easter Monday – Classes not in session

11-Term 2 Student Learning Communications sent home
13-Early Dismissal at 1:30 p.m. for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

6-Professional Development Day – Classes not in session
23-Victoria Day – Classes not in session
30-Professional Development Day – Classes not in session

1-Parent Tea
3-Kindergarten Orientation
10-Sports Day
17-Grade 7 Celebration
22-Year-End Assembly – 9:00 a.m.
23-Term 2 Student Learning Communications sent home
23-Early Dismissal at 1:30 p.m. for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
24-Administration Day – Classes not in session


2 thoughts on “CambridgeLearns

  1. Danielle Jimeno says:

    If 8 potential funding opportunities haven’t been picked yet I would like to recommend Virginia of the Phillipines, to fund additional boxes of dried fish for her to sell.

    Thank you,
    Noah Jimeno

    • Thanks so much for this Noah. I have gone ahead and given Virginia a $50 loan. She now has $125 left of her loan to be funded. If you get a chance, maybe have a few of the other Grade 7 students (now Grade 8s 🙂 add their comment to the blog so we can loan the rest of our money and put it work. Other students may want to loan Virginia the rest of the money she needs.

      Hope you are having a great summer so far. Keep in touch!

      Mr. V.

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