May 21, 2015

Hello Parents,

This is a quick update on the exciting day we had at school. Today, we practiced two emergency drills. The first drill was a fire drill. We are required to have at least 6 fire drills per school year. The philosophy is that “practice makes perfect.”  As I think back to the beginning of the year, the mere mention of a fire drill would cause many students to become anxious. I am proud of how far we have come. Students know exactly what to do during a fire drill and we are able to evacuate almost 700 people in a matter of minutes. Pretty impressive!

The second drill we today been a LOCKDOWN drill. A lockdown takes place when danger is present inside the school. When this occurs, students in the hallway go to the nearest classroom, all doors are locked, blinds are shut, and staff and student sit quietly out of sight of anyone looking through the door. During the drill, Ms. Vogstad and I travelled through the school to ensure no one was in the hallway, doors were locked, and no one was visible inside the classrooms. Quite honestly, it was so quiet, you would have thought the school was empty. Our students and staff did a fantastic job!!!

We never like to think about a serious event ever taking place at this school we care so much about, but we know the importance of being prepared. Today, Cambridge students and staff showed that in the face of adversity, we’d be ready!

Kind Regards,

Antonio Vendramin, Principal

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