May 11, 2015

A few quick notes from Mr. Vendramin…

It’s been an entertaining few days watching Talent Show auditions. Students have been meeting in grade groups, and those interested in auditioning have had the opportunity to perform in front of their peers. I’ve been impressed by the talent and courage of our students. The selection of the acts going on to audition further was challenging, and criteria was used to assess each performance. Unfortunately, teachers have the unenviable task of letting some students know they will not be going on to audition further. For some students and parents, this is difficult news to hear. I know teachers are being extremely thoughtful in the process and each act is discussed at length. In the end, I would expect that the decision of the teachers would be accepted and respected for certainly, events such as Talent Show (as well a myriad of other events) would not even take place without the dedication and commitment of our staff.

The Talent Show takes place on Friday, May 29, from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. The whole community is invited to share in this celebration!

If you would like to provide information that would help teachers determine the best possible placement for your child in the next school year, please put this in writing and submit your letter to Mr. Vendramin by the end of this week. Requests may include a description of a preferred learning environment or details about how your child learns best. It would not be appropriate for parents to request a particular teacher by name.

We value your feedback because you know your child best. The information you share will be one part of our decision-making process as we work collaboratively to create the best possible learning environments for all students. Thank you.

Each year, schools are expected to reflection on their purpose and performance and complete a School Learning Plan. Essentially, this plan is a living, evidence-filled document that focuses on areas to celebrate and well as areas in which we would like to develop further.


Your input and feedback is important! You can and provide your thoughts in the comment box at the bottom of the page. We would love to include your “parent voice” in the document.

Thank you in advance for your support!

It’s that time…time to say goodbye to some and hello to others.

We are sad to say goodbye to the following staff members at the conclusion of this year:
Patricia Watson – accepted a position at Erma Stephenson Elementary
John Kwon – accepted a position at Woodland Park Elementary
Laura Warkentin – term position
Vernice Li – term position
Randy Senini – term position

We welcome the following staff members to the Cambridge community:
Kevin Fleming – LST – from Crescent Park Elementary
Eric Neumeyer – Grade 4/5 – from Sunnyside Elementary
Katherine Douglas/Carrie Macumber – Grade 1/2 Job Share – Westerman Elementary

We also congratulate Education Assistant Amber Harris on the birth of a healthy baby girl! A special welcome to Lisa Sund who will be in Ms. Harris’ position for the remainder of the year.

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