CambridgeLearns February 6, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The regular edition of the CambridgeLearns blog will be posted online tomorrow. The purpose of this quick little post is to share some important information regarding the Communicating Student Learning pilot our school has been involved in.

First, we need to share a very important date change. Term 2 student learning communications (report cards) were initially scheduled to be sent home on Friday, March 6th. In consultation with staff members, we have decided to push this date back to Thursday, April 2nd because of the compression of the second term due to a delayed start to the school year. Thank you for your understanding!

IMG_9299Second, we continue to explore ways to more effectively communicate and share student learning. Many staff members have been using a tool called FreshGrade to do this. The feedback we have received from parents has been overwhelmingly positive.  FreshGrade has offered many parents a “window into the classroom”. Aside from capturing and sharing learning snapshots, many staff members are exploring ways to communicate information that supports parents as partners in the learning process. This means sharing learning goals and criteria. In other words, sharing with parents not only what their child can do, but what your child is expected to learn as well as the criteria for good work.

We also heard both positive and negative points from parents who received FreshGrade report cards. Teachers and parents shared the feeling that a FreshGrade report felt redundant since many parents already had full access to their child’s portfolio and had received learning snapshots throughout the term.

IMG_9303Many staff members have expressed an interest in further exploring alternative reporting formats to supplement learning evidence captured and shared via FreshGrade. One of these formats is a Student-Inclusive Conference model in which teachers, students, and parents work as partners to reflect on what the child can do, areas requiring further development, and goals moving forward.

We thank the educational leaders from neighbouring School District 42 (Maple Ridge) who have successfully been using the Student-Inclusive Conference model for several years.  Read more about this model HERE.  View parents reflections regarding this model HERE.

Inevitably, being part of a pilot means being open to change and comfortable with ambiguity. We appreciate our forward-thinking and hard-working teachers who continue to ask the question, “Can we do this better?”

Please continue to follow this blog as we continue to share information regarding the Communicating Student Learning pilot.


Antonio Vendramin, Principal         Kelli Vogstad, Vice-Principal


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