CambridgeLearns September 5, 2014

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Hello Cambridge Community,

I hope this message finds you all well, and all of us a little closer to the start of the 2014/15 school year.

Today should have been our first fine arts performance and assembly. Sadly, the school remains behind picket lines and a resolution to the ongoing labour dispute is just a hope at this point.

However, it’s important to be vigilant and ready to start the school year should an agreement be reached. If you have not yet done so, please ensure you have purchased your school supplies. If you purchased supplies through EDU-PAC last year, supplies will be distributed once classes are formed. If you still need to purchase supplies, SUPPLY LISTS CAN BE FOUND HERE.

This is also a great time to get your child(ren) back into routines. Most importantly, children need to go to bed and get up in the morning a little earlier each day. It may also be helpful to ease your children back into other common routines, such as reading daily or keeping a journal. You can also make learning fun by simply encouraging your child to complete the challenge of the day that is tweeted from the school’s Twitter account. If you missed the first few, here they are:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.05.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.06.09 PM

Have a look at the “Cambridge in TWEETS” link above to see the ideas others came up with. Give them a try and share your learning by using the #CambridgeLearns hashtag on either Twitter or Instagram.

Kind Regards,
Mr. Vendramin

Below please find an updated staff list. Please note that grade levels are tentative at this point and could change based on enrolment.

Teaching Staff
Mr. Owen Stemler – Grade 7
Ms. Shelagh Lim – Grade 7
Ms. Nina Minhas – Grade 7
Ms. Leslee Burwash – Grade 6
Mr. Peter Beale – Grade 6
Mr. David Morrison – Grade 5/6
Ms. Sandy McLean – Grade 5
Mr. Chris Lee – Grade 5
Mr. John Kwon – Grade 4/5
Mr. Alex Dewar – Grade 4
Ms. Kam Padam – Grade 4
Ms. Trish Ineson – Grade 3
Ms. Tracey Steeves/Ms. Kiren Sidhu – Grade 3
Ms. Jessica Gray – Grade 3
Ms. Kelli Vogstad – Grade 3
Ms. Patricia Watson – Grade 2
Ms. Punam Sharda – Grade 2
Ms. Suparsha Sharda – Grade 2
Ms. Laura Warkentin – Grade 1/2
Ms. Charlene Anderson – Grade 1
Ms. Kerry Tinant – Grade 1
Ms. Dawn Unruh – Grade 1
Ms. Becky Weber – Kindergarten
Ms. Raj Taank – Kindergarten
Ms. Carri McMillan – Kindergarten
Ms. Bonnie Jennings – Kindergarten

Ms. Julie Peloquin – Learner Support Teacher
Ms. Shelley Stark – Learner Support Teacher
Ms. Marlene Konyves – Learner Support Teacher
Ms. Lauren Molzahn – Learner Support Teacher
Ms. Sheryl Turner – Teacher-Librarian
Ms. Darlene Lourenco – Music Teacher
Dr. Sheollagh Fitzgerald – Counselor
Mr. Grant Hochman – Band Teacher

Support Staff
Ms. Jocelyn MacNab – Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Gail Ross – School Psychologist
Ms. Maureen Fitzpatrick – School Nurse
Ms. Charolette Pearce – Aboriginal Worker

Ms. Dyan Young – Child Care Worker
Ms. Amanda Berg – Education Assistant
Ms. Angie Gilbert – Education Assistant
Ms. June Green – Education Assistant
Ms. Amber Harris – Education Assistant
Ms. Lisa Knight – Education Assistant
Ms. Audrey Mainwaring – Education Assistant
Ms. Linda McLellan – Education Assistant
Ms. Aya Nordin – Education Assistant
Ms. Flo Paronetto – Education Assistant
Ms. Lori Pederson – Education Assistant
Ms. Karen Steele – Education Assistant

Mr. Antonio Vendramin – Principal
Ms. Kelli Vogstad – Vice Principal
Ms. Beverley Lacey – Head Secretary
Ms. Cindy Palitti – Secretary
Ms. Lorraine Knibb – Secretary

Mr. John Demosten – Head Custodian
Mr. Rene Barcita – Custodian

Ms. Cindy Davis – Supervisory Aide
Ms. Hardeep Dhamija – Supervisory Aide
Ms. Shamima Fareed – Supervisory Aide
Ms. Marian Nicholson – Supervisory Aide
Ms. Rosalind Rogers – Supervisory Aide
Ms. Wajeeha Tariq – Supervisory Aide
Ms. Rashpal Tung – Supervisory Aide

As we look forward to the start of an exciting new school year, thoughts turn to class assignments.

Job action at the end of the 2013-14 school year hindered our ability to fully engage in class-building activities. As well, there are many new staff members joining us. Therefore, students will work in grade groups during the first few days of school as teachers get to know students and work collaboratively to develop classes. We will take feedback from both parents and previous year teachers in order to create the most appropriate learning environments.​ We hope that students will be in their permanent classes by the end of the first week, or by the very beginning of the second week at the latest.

When students are placed in classes, the following factors are taken into consideration. As each class situation is different, the factors are not in order of importance.

  • Academic Ability – we try to ensure that each class has students with a variety of ability levels
  • Gender – attempts are made to form classes with equal numbers of girls and boys
  • Group Dynamics – based on past experience, some students may not be placed in the same class as they experience difficulties together, while other students may be placed together because they work well together
  • Behaviour – students requiring behavioural support are placed in classes that best meet their needs
  • Teaching/Learning Styles – some students are placed in classes because the teaching/learning situation will be the most beneficial to them
  • Parent Requests – parents often come to the school in the Spring to make placement requests for the next year. If these requests are for educational reasons, we try to honour them if possible.


Classes with a combination of students from different grade levels have, for some reason, been considered second-rate learning environments. However, existing research does not support this view. Rather, teacher quality remains the single most important factor when it comes to student success. Research suggests that:

  • “Students in multi-age classrooms achieve as well academically as those in single grade classrooms.
  • Students appear to benefit from the spirit of co-operation and mutual help that exists in these settings.
  • Whole-class strategies such as explicit instruction, co-operative learning and subject integration support improved learning in combined grade class-rooms.”

Find more research HERE.



18-Meet the Teacher Night/ Community BBQ
19-Terry Fox Run
22-Professional Day

13-Thanksgiving Holiday
18-Interim Reports
24-Professional Day

10-Professional Day
11-Remembrance Day Holiday

5-Reports Cards
10-Parent Teacher Conferences – Early Dismissal – 1:30 p.m.
11-Parent Teacher Conferences – Early Dismissal – 1:30 p.m.
19-Last Day Before Christmas Break

5-School Begins

9-Family Day
19-Student Led Conferences – Early Dismissal – 1:30 p.m.
20-Professional Day

6-Report Cards
9-20-Spring Break

1-Running Club Starts
3-Good Friday Holiday
6-Easter Monday Holiday
30-Running Club Ends

1-Professional Day
7-Parent Thank You Tea
18-Victoria Day Holiday
25-Professional Day

3-Kindergarten Introduction Parent Meeting
4-New Kindergarten Student Visits
12-Sports Day
19-Grade 7 Assembly
25-Last Day Before Summer Holiday
Final Assembly
Early Dismissal 1:30 p.m.


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